The Show


Greene HD Productions is launching their new show, Reality Rides, on Velocity on October 5th at 9am. If you like restoring cars, then this is the show for you! Reality Rides follows Carl's Custom Cars in Red Oak, Texas, as the crew takes on a new build every season.

Believe me, as a classic car enthusiast, owner of several classic cars, and as a producer, I really did not like what automotive shows were being broadcast. So we created Reality Rides, for everyone else.

I can assure you that we have listened to our test audience of over 15,000 and have created an exciting new series that is REAL. No fake drama, no fake deadlines, no yelling just for the sake of ratings. In this first season, Carl Meredith and his very talented team of mechanics will show the viewers how a 1955 Buick Special was restored from the ground up. Every nut and bolt came off this car and it was painstakingly reconstructed to it's factory original condition with very few modifications. Think "This Old House" for car enthusiasts. We have side stories that will take you to big shows like SEMA, Goodguys, Autorama, etc. We see how every aspect is put together in a fun and exciting fashion. We are not chopping up cars for ratings, we are putting history back on the road where it belongs.

In this first season we build one car. It takes our very real team of 5 mechanics, roughly 6 months to complete it. Someone was always working on this build almost 7 days a week. In the end this car went on to win numerous awards, including 1st in it's category at a concours event earlier this year. So not only is it real, it's a very well done build.

There are plenty of highlights I have not listed, many will be left as a surprise. So set your DVR's starting on October 6 @ 9a EST on Velocity. The series will air every Saturday for 26 consecutive weeks. Season 2 is also complete and not to be missed. Another very cool build. But that's a story for another time. ;-)

We need your input and suggestions. We really desire to create programming for you, the real automobile enthusiast. If you are tired of the fake drama, then we need your support to bring you better shows.